Adapy Smart Mobility System


Discover a new level of freedom and independence with our innovative Adapy Smart Mobility System. Compatible with the majority of Adaptive Equipment available, the Adapy Smart Mobility System ensures seamless integration and operation. By centralizing the controls onto your mobile phone, we provide a redundant control solution that minimizes the risk of equipment failure, offering you peace of mind and reliability.


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Introducing the Adapy Smart Mobility System

For wheelchair users, having a properly configured and equipped vehicle is crucial. This entails installing various adaptive equipment such as automated doors, transfer seats, lifts or cranes, and even weather protectors for truck beds. These elements are collectively known as Adaptive Equipment.

The Adapy Smart Mobility System revolutionizes the integration of adaptive equipment in vehicles, creating a network-like environment that enables seamless control and operation of these devices through smart technology.

At the core of this system lies the Adapy Smart Hub. Once installed in the vehicle, the Smart Hub seamlessly connects to the Adapy Mobile App, granting users instant access to all the controls associated with their adaptive equipment. Similar to traditional remotes, users can effortlessly initiate desired movements by simply pressing buttons on their smartphone. With this innovation, managing multiple remotes becomes a thing of the past as users can effortlessly toggle between devices.

Furthermore, the Adapy Smart Mobility System offers users the convenience of accessing and preparing their vehicle for entry from a safe location, eliminating exposure to unfavorable weather conditions like rain, snow, or harsh elements.

Enhancing wheelchair users’ mobility experience, the Adapy Smart Mobility System takes adaptive equipment integration to the next level, providing intuitive control and enhancing convenience in various weather conditions.

Additional information


Adapy Smart Mobility System Model: SMSV1


FCC Part 15.209

Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Highest Internal Frequency

Above 108MHz

Classification of ITE

Class A

Radiated Emissions


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