Adapy: Unlock the Smart Side of Your Harmar AL625 Hybrid Lift

Imagine the freedom of your Harmar AL625 Hybrid Lift – but with an extra dose of intelligence and convenience. That’s the magic of Adapy seamlessly integrated with your trusty lift. Here’s how Adapy takes your mobility experience to the next level:

Adapy + Harmar AL625: A Powerful Combination

The Harmar AL625 Hybrid Lift is a game-changer for minivan and full-size van owners with mobility needs. It offers a convenient and space-saving way to load and unload your scooter or power chair. Adapy steps it up a notch by transforming your AL625 into a smart mobility system, packed with features that enhance your daily life:

Features of Adapy with Harmar AL625:

  • Effortless Smartphone Control: Ditch the remote! Use the intuitive Adapy app to operate your Harmar AL625 lift directly from your smartphone. Raise, lower, and fold the platform with a simple tap, all within easy reach.
  • Universal compatibility: The Adapy system is designed to work seamlessly with various adaptive equipment, including the Harmar AL625 lift.
  • Smartphone App control: Control your lift with your smartphone via the Patented Adapy Smart Mobility System on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Simplified user interface: The Adapy smartphone app is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to control their mobility equipment.
  • Effortless operation: Imagine deploying and retracting your Harmar AL625 lift with a simple tap on your phone. Adapy eliminates the need for bulky remotes, making operation easier and more convenient, especially from a seated position, or when outside the vehicle.
  • Improved accessibility: Adapy simplifies the process of loading and unloading your wheelchair, minimizing physical strain and promoting greater independence. Additionally, it allows the operation of the lift from outside the vehicle, ensuring the user is in a safe and stable position before initiating the lift.
  • Customizable settings: Personalize the smartphone app to change screen colors, audio preferences and vibration feedback for confirmation.
  • Safety: Operate the lift from outside the vehicle using the Adapy app on your smartphone. This ensures you’re in a safe and stable position before initiating the lift process.
  • Enhanced Safety features: The enhanced safety features provide overload protection, and an emergency stop feature.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Gain peace of mind with instant access to the lift’s status. The Adapy app displays battery life, internal temperatures, operation history, and even sends maintenance and critical safety alerts, keeping your lift in top condition. It also enables equipment hibernation.

Benefits of Adapy + Harmar AL625:

  • Smarter Convenience: Operate your lift from anywhere within reach using your smartphone. No more searching for the remote control.
  • Peace of Mind Monitoring: Stay informed about your lift’s health with real-time data and maintenance alerts.
  • Modernized Mobility Experience: Embrace the future with a smartphone-controlled lift system, integrating seamlessly with your everyday technology.
  • Simplified Operation: Especially useful for individuals with limited dexterity or those who find holding a remote control challenging.

Adapy and Harmar AL625: A Perfect Match

Together, Adapy and the Harmar AL625 Hybrid Lift empower you to experience mobility like never before. It’s a powerful combination that prioritizes ease of use, safety, and puts you in control with cutting-edge technology.

Ready to unlock the smart side of your Harmar AL625? Visit our website or contact your local Adapy dealer today and experience the future of mobility.

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