Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform

Effortless Mobility: Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform Enhanced with Adapy

Regaining independence and freedom with a scooter or powerchair is liberating. But loading and unloading it can be a challenge. The Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform offers a safe and convenient solution for minivan and SUV owners. This webpage explores the benefits of the Joey platform and how Adapy integration elevates your mobility experience.

  • Effortless Operation: Simply drive onto the platform, press a button, and the Joey effortlessly lifts and stores your mobility device inside your vehicle.
  • Safety First: Meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards with features like a safety barrier and obstruction detection [1].
  • Compact Design: Maintains second-row seating in most vehicles [2].
  • Durable and Reliable: 3-year limited warranty and a proven track record [2].

Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform + Adapy Integration. A Powerful Mobility Partnership that Enhances Independence

Here’s how Adapy sets itself apart:
Adapy is a revolutionary smartphone app that seamlessly connects with your Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform. Here’s how it enhances your mobility experience:

  • Universal compatibility: Adapy works with various existing adaptive devices, including the Bruno VSL-4400 Joey platform lift.
  • Smartphone App control: Control your platform lift, well as the position of your seat, with your smartphone via the Patented Adapy Smart Mobility System on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Effortless operation: Control the VSL-4400 Joey Platform with a tap on your smartphone. This eliminates the need for fumbling with wired pendants (remotes) and allows for easier operation, especially from a seated position, or when outside the vehicle.
  • Improved accessibility: Adapy simplifies the process of loading and unloading your wheelchair, minimizing physical strain and promoting greater independence. Additionally, it allows the operation of the platform lift from outside the vehicle, ensuring the user is in a safe and stable position before initiating the lift.
  • Customizable settings: Personalize the smartphone app to change screen colors, audio preferences and vibration feedback for confirmation.
  • Safety: Operate from outside the vehicle, reducing potential risks.
  • Enhanced Safety features: The enhanced safety features provide overload protection, monitors vehicle battery voltage, internal temperatures and provides alerts for critical levels. It also enables equipment hibernation, and sends safety alerts.
  • Peace of Mind: Adapy incorporates safety features like overload protection and emergency stop functions.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Over time, Adapy might eliminate the need for additional remote replacements.

Benefits of Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform with Adapy:

  • Effortless Independence: Load and unload your mobility device with ease, using your smartphone or the platform’s controls.
  • Convenience and Control: Operate the lift remotely or directly from your phone, eliminating the need for the handheld control.
  • Modernized Experience: Embrace the future of mobility with a smartphone-controlled lift system.


The Bruno VSL-4400 Joey Platform empowers you to regain independence. When combined with Adapy integration, it offers unparalleled convenience, safety, and control. Experience the freedom of effortless mobility and explore the possibilities with this innovative duo.


  • [1] Bruno does not provide weight capacity information on their website, but this information can be found on retailer websites. You can search for “Bruno VSL-4400 Joey weight capacity” to find the most up-to-date information.
  • [2] Information about Adapy integration may be limited. Consider contacting Bruno or Adapy directly for the latest details on features and compatibility.

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