Adapy: Not Quite Compatible with the Ameriglide Glide-n-Go Transfer Seat

The Ameriglide Glide-n-Go Transfer Seat is a fantastic mobility solution designed to assist with transferring from a wheelchair to a vehicle seat. While Adapy empowers smart control of various mobility lifts, it wouldn’t directly work with the Glide-n-Go due to its design.

Here’s Why Adapy Isn’t Applicable:

The Glide-n-Go Transfer Seat is a mechanical device that utilizes a hydraulic or electromechanical lifting mechanism to physically move the user from wheelchair height to vehicle seat level. It doesn’t have a platform or electrical components that Adapy could integrate with for smartphone control.

Adapy Shines with Electric Lifts:

Adapy excels at transforming existing electric mobility lifts into smart systems. These lifts typically have platforms that raise and lower, and some may even rotate, all controlled by an electrical system. Adapy seamlessly integrates with these systems, allowing you to operate them from your smartphone.

Alternative Solutions for Glide-n-Go Users:

  • Ameriglide Support: Ameriglide might offer remote control options for the Glide-n-Go, increasing convenience without needing a smartphone app.
  • Explore Ameriglide Lifts: Ameriglide also offers electric wheelchair lifts that Adapy can work with for a fully smartphone-controlled transfer experience.

Adapy: The Future of Electric Lift Control

Even though Adapy wouldn’t directly work with the Glide-n-Go, it remains a powerful tool for those with electric mobility lifts. If you’re considering a new mobility solution, explore Ameriglide’s electric wheelchair lifts to see if they might be a good fit for smartphone control with Adapy.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Focus on Independence: Both the Glide-n-Go and Adapy (with compatible lifts) promote independence by allowing users to manage transfers with more ease.
  • Safety First: Always prioritize safety when using any mobility equipment. Ensure the Glide-n-Go is properly installed and used according to Ameriglide’s instructions.

Visit our website to learn more about Adapy and its compatibility with various electric mobility lifts. Let’s explore smarter mobility solutions together!

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