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Course Information: Course 1 Basic Training

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Lesson 1: Click Here
In this lesson, we discuss your dealer ID, how to use it to process orders, support, warranty claims etc.

Lesson 4: Click Here

In this lesson we unbox an Adapy Smart Mobility System. We discuss the contents of the box, and what you will need to install adapy successfully.

Lesson 5: Click Here

This lesson covers an in-depth walkthrough of the mobile app. Navigation and Features.

Lesson 6: Click Here
In this lesson we explore in detail the Adapy Smart hub. We discuss ports, connectors, USB, indicator lights etc.

Lesson 7: Click Here

This lesson dives into harness connectors and the importance of selecting the correct harness for your application.

Lesson 8: Click Here
In this lesson we discuss the Activation ID, why it is part of the Adapy Smart Mobility System and how it will protect the hardware from intrusion or hijacking.

Lesson 9: Click Here
This lesson will walk you through the process of connecting the Adapy Smart Hub with the Adapy Mobile App.

Lesson 10: Click Here
Knowing how to activate the Smart Hub and register it with Adapy Cloud Services is essential to be able to use the system. In this video we guide you through the process and explain the importance of this step.

Lesson 11: Click Here
In this lesson, we explore how to personalize Adapy to the user by changing the UI color scheme.

Lesson 12: Click Here

In this lesson we demonstrate how to add controls for adaptive equipment to the Adapy mobile app.

Lesson 13: Click Here
The lesson jumps into configuring your mobile app for features like facial recognition, thump print, pins and more!

Lesson 14: Click Here
This lesson discusses how to install the harness wires for the various adaptive equipment. It will direct you to a location to access detailed installation videos for each adaptive equipment.

Lesson 15: Click Here
It is important to know how to protect the vehicle, adapy and most important the customer. In this lesson we discuss safety guidelines as they relate to Adapy.

Lesson 16: Click Here
Learn how to cycle test before activating your adaptive equipment. This lesson explains how to prevent any issues with automation.

Lesson 17: Click Here
It is extremely important to secure all equipment to avoid damage. This video shows how to properly secure Adapy during the mounting process.

Lesson 18: Click Here
It is important that you train the customer how to use the Adapy App the correct way. Avoid pitfalls or unrealistic expectations by following the items in this lesson.

Lesson 19: Click Here
Programming automation is currently restricted to level 2 trained dealers & installers. It is critical that you understand how to program automation and avoid damage or injury this is a must watch lesson.

Lesson 20: Click Here
Keep your Adapy hardware and mobile app up-to-date. Learn about Over the Air (OTA) updates – similar to the Tesla Vehicles, Adapy can send an update over the air to the hardware device installed in the vehicle.

Lesson 21: Click Here
You have come to end of your basic training. In this video we will explore how you can access additional training for modules that use RF technology, GPS, Voltage Monitoring, Temp Alerts and more.