Turny Evo Seat by BraunAbility

The Turny Evo Seat is a popular powered transfer seat designed to assist people with limited mobility or wheelchair users in entering and exiting vehicles, particularly SUVs, trucks, and vans. Here’s how it works:

  • Powered swivel and rotation: The Turny Evo uses a motor to smoothly swivel the seat outward from the vehicle.
  • Lowering function: Once positioned outside, the seat automatically lowers to a comfortable height, allowing for easy transfer from a wheelchair.
  • Programmable paths: Advanced models offer programmable paths for the seat, ensuring a safe and efficient transfer process.

Adapy and the Turny Evo Seat: A Perfect Match for Effortless Mobility

Adapy.com – Smart Mobility Solutions

Adapy.com offers the Adapy Smart Mobility System, a smartphone app that connects to and controls various adaptive equipment in your vehicle. Here are the key features:

  • Universal compatibility: Adapy works with various existing adaptive devices, including the Turny Evo Seat.
  • Smartphone App control: Control and position your seat, with your smartphone via the Patented Adapy Smart Mobility System on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Effortless operation: Control the Turny Evo Seat with a tap on your smartphone. This eliminates the need for fumbling with wired pendants (remotes) and allows for easier operation, especially from a seated position, or when outside the vehicle.
  • Improved accessibility: Adapy simplifies the process positioning the Turny Evo Seat promoting greater independence. Additionally, it allows the operation of the seat from outside the vehicle without the use of the wired pendant.
  • Customizable settings: Personalize the smartphone app to change screen colors, audio preferences and vibration feedback for confirmation.
  • Safety: Operate from outside the vehicle, reducing potential risks.
  • Enhanced Safety features: The enhanced safety features provide overload protection, monitors vehicle battery voltage, internal temperatures and provides alerts for critical levels. It also enables equipment hibernation, and sends safety alerts.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Over time, Adapy might eliminate the need for additional remote replacements.
  • Universal compatibility: Designed to work with various existing adaptive devices from different manufacturers.
  • Convenience and ease of use: The intuitive app provides control over your mobility features with a tap on your phone.

Benefits of the Turny Evo Seat with Adapy

  • Effortless vehicle entry/exit: With Adapy, you can control the entire transfer process with your phone. Simply lower the Turny Evo seat from a distance and then comfortably transfer from your wheelchair.
  • Eliminates remote clutter: Adapy integrates with your Turny Evo seat, eliminating the need for a separate remote control.
  • Increased safety: Operating the seat from outside the vehicle ensures you’re in a safe position before initiating the transfer.

Case Studies: Technology for Enhanced Mobility

Here are some real-life examples highlighting the benefits of technology-assisted mobility solutions:

  • Neil: After a spinal cord injury (SCI), Neil struggled with getting in and out of his Ford Raptor Truck. The Turny Evo Seat combined with Adapy’s app control has given him back the confidence to travel independently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzTKguLcBQg&t=2s
  • Kendell: Kendell’s SCI made maneuvering his wheelchair crane and seat difficult. Adapy’s app control allows him to easily operate the crane along with his Turney EVO transfer seat with his phone, significantly reducing strain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAynC6SBHSM
  • Private Buyer: We opted to buy the Turney Evo Seat because it was integrated into the Adapy System. -Verified on Request

These stories illustrate how technology, like Adapy, can empower people with limitations to regain control over their mobility and live a more fulfilling life.

Request information or contact a local dealer to learn more about how Adapy and the Turny Evo Seat can transform your mobility experience!

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