Adapy.com Brand Standards Policy


This policy ensures that Adapy.com’s brand is consistently represented across all platforms and materials, maintaining a professional and cohesive image.

This policy is mandatory for all Adapy.com employees, contractors, partners, and external agencies involved in any form of brand representation.

Logo Usage

Standard Logo
The Adapy.com logo consists of a stylized ‘A’ in a unique font, accompanied by the full name ‘Adapy’ in lowercase.

Size and Scaling
The logo should not be scaled down to less than 30 pixels in digital formats or 0.5 inches in print formats.

Clear Space
A minimum clear space of 10% of the logo’s width should be maintained on all sides.

Do’s and Don’ts
The logo must not be altered, rotated, or changed in color. It should always stand out from the background.

Color Palette

  • Electric Blue (Hex #0077FF)
  • Slate Grey (Hex #585858)

Secondary Colors

  • Aqua (Hex #00FFFF)

  • Soft Grey (Hex #9E9E9E)

Primary colors should be used predominantly in all branding materials, with secondary colors used for accents.


Primary Typeface

  • ‘Roboto’ for digital mediums.

  • ‘Helvetica’ for print mediums.

Font Sizes and Styles

  • Headings: 22pt

  • Subheadings: 16pt

  • Body: 12pt

Web vs. Print
Use of italics is discouraged in web content to maintain readability.

Imagery and Graphics

Style and Tone
Imagery should be professional, modern, and reflect themes of technology and innovation.

Usage Guidelines
Images must complement the brand’s color scheme and not overpower the accompanying text.

Sourcing Images
Use approved stock photos or in-house photography, ensuring high quality and relevance.

Tone of Voice and Writing Style

Brand Voice
Adapy.com’s brand voice is confident, innovative, and approachable.

Writing Guidelines
Content should be written in an active voice, avoiding technical jargon and maintaining clarity and conciseness.


“Adapy.com – Revolutionizing the mobility space.”

Online Presence

The website should have a clean layout, dominated by white space, with blue accents from the brand’s color palette.

Social Media
Social media posts should be engaging, informative, and align with the brand’s voice and tone.

Marketing and Advertising Materials

Templates and Layouts
Standardized templates for advertisements, brochures, and other marketing materials will be provided.

Copy Guidelines
Marketing copy should emphasize benefits, using persuasive language that is clear and aligned with the brand voice.

Compliance and Enforcement

The Marketing team is responsible for overseeing brand compliance across all platforms and materials.

Violations of the brand standards should be reported and will be reviewed and addressed in a timely manner.

Revision and Updates

Review Process
The Brand Standards Policy will be reviewed annually or as necessary to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Version Control
Each update of the document will be documented with its version number and date of revision.

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