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Will the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System  work with my lift or crane?

You can locate a list of all the assisted mobility devices in our main menu under the item: Compatibility

If you do not see your device (Lift or Crane) listed, please contact us and provide your device’s model number. We are continually adding lift-devices to the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System and expanding its capabilities.

How do I go about installing the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System?

While installing the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System is relatively simple, you might choose to have a professional do the installation. You can check our website for a list of installers or contact your nearest wheelchair crane or lift installer and request that they do the installation. They can contact us for additional guidance with the installation.

Will the Adapy™ Mobile App work on both Android and IOS phones?

Yes, we support Android and IOS mobile phones. While our app was designed to run on these devices, we provide no guarantee on how well it will work with older phones. We encourage you to use the latest mobile phone technology. If you encounter issues with the mobile app, please submit a support request, and we will determine if it is an issue with the phone you are using or a potential problem with the app. You can download the application from the Android Marketplace or Apple App Store or directly from our website.

Do I need additional equipment in order to install the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System?

The items needed for installation, in most cases, will be included with your purchase. Depending on your setup, we may provide you with additional wiring harnesses to use as part of your installation. Outside of simple tools such as a screwdriver or wrench, the required items will come packaged with the actual unit.

If I decide to upgrade my lift or crane can I still use the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System?

We designed the adapter to support a wide array of Lifts and Cranes. As long as the new lift or crane is on our supported device list, you should have no issues using it. Please contact us to verify if the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System will work on your new device. If it is not on our approved list for some reason, we will be able to determine quickly if it can be added.

Are there vehicles this won’t work on?

The Adapy™ Smart Mobility System will work with most lifts and cranes. Suppose your vehicle has a lift or crane on our supported device list. In that case, you should not have any issue adding the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System to your current configuration in your vehicle.

Some vehicles however are custom configured from the factory with unique configurations that might prohibit the Adpay Smart Mobility System from working.

Ordering Questions

Does the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 12-month replacement warranty on the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System. You must have the product installed through one of our certified installers to qualify for the 12-month warranty. If you work with an installer that is not on our approved list, have them contact us to become certified.

Do you offer updates, upgrades or future versions of the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System if I order today?

Yes, most updates are released through our mobile application. If and when the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System goes through a significant upgrade related to hardware, we offer a $99 replacement option where you can trade-in your previous version for the new version.  As more modern lifts and cranes enter the market, the unit itself may need to be upgraded to accommodate newer unique equipment.

Does this void any factory warranty?

While we cannot control the warranty options associated with your lift or crane, we have designed the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System in a way that does not require you to modify your existing controls or lift. We limit the installation process to plugging in a simple harness in most cases.  The original equipment is not changed to make it work. Check with the manufacture of your lift or crane if you are concerned about the warranty. We cannot guarantee that you will not void your warranty by using the Adapy™ Smart Mobility System.

How long does it take for my product to arrive?

Depending on your location, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Adapy™ products are manufactured in the USA and shipped from one of our distribution partners. We provide tracking numbers to track your shipment.  The mobility installation companies that we work with might have the product on hand and available instantly. Please check with them to determine your average expected time for shipping and installation.

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