Adapy.com Dealer Installation Compliance Policy for Warranty

  1. Introduction
    This policy specifies the requirements for dealers regarding the installation of Adapy devices. Adherence to the provided installation guide is crucial to maintain the warranty of the product. This policy is established to ensure that all installations by dealers are executed correctly and securely, guaranteeing the product’s optimal performance and safety.
  2. Scope
    This policy is applicable to all authorized dealers of Adapy products. Dealers are responsible for ensuring that installations are carried out in accordance with this policy to maintain the warranty validity of the products.
  3. Installation Guide Compliance
    3.1. Dealers must rigorously follow the step-by-step instructions in the Adapy Installation Guide. This guide is crucial for ensuring proper and safe installation.

           3.2. The installation process must include, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting pre-installation checks.
  • Securely mounting the device in the designated location.
  • Properly connecting the device to necessary power and data sources.
  • Configuring the device according to the guide

    Warranty Conditions for Dealers
    4.1. The warranty on Adapy products will be considered valid only if the dealer installs the product in strict adherence to the official Adapy Installation Guide.

    Failure to follow the installation guide may result in the voiding of the product’s warranty. This includes:

    • Incorrect installation procedures.
    • Installation in environments not conducive to the device’s intended use.
    • Unauthorized alterations to the device or the prescribed installation process.
    1. Compliance Verification
      5.1. Adapy reserves the right to inspect and verify dealer installations for compliance with this policy.

    In the event of a warranty claim, Adapy may require proof of installation in compliance with the installation guide from the dealer.

    1. Dealer Liability
      6.1. Dealers are responsible for any damage or malfunction resulting from non-compliance with the installation guide.
    2. Policy Amendments
      Adapy.com may modify this policy at any time. Dealers will be notified of significant changes.
    3. Contact and Support
      Dealers with questions or in need of clarification regarding this policy should contact [Adapy Dealer Support / Relevant Department].