You cannot think of America without considering our veterans who sacrificed so much for our behalf. I would like to share a story about one in particular that rekindled the flame of Freedom within me and motivated me to do more in my own unique way.Drew was wounded while serving our country. He is bound to a wheelchair but I have never met a more free-spirited individual.

When he heard that I dabbled in tech, he asked me if I might consider taking  on the task of developing an idea he had been thinking of since 2015.

It was an invention that would help individuals with mobility issues. It was such a creative idea and at the same time extremely challenging because it involved designing electronic components that interfaced with both the web and Bluetooth technologies.

Simple? Not so. The more I looked into it, the more barriers I discovered. I had a million reasons why this would never work but only one reason why it should…Drew.

He is a father, a husband, and a veteran that served his country at a price that few of us are ever asked to give. The thought of him serving at such a high price was enough to push me through the challenges that go into inventing and building a new product.

I organized a group of volunteers to assist in this project, after a lot of work and after what felt like a million meetings & late nights. The product was complete. Drew plugged it into his vehicle and pressed a few buttons and what was once a daunting task for someone with limited mobility, was now an automated push of a button.

I will never forget the smile on his face as he held in his hand an idea that was only in his mind. It taught me that regardless of disabilities, our future can be shaped by our dreams. We have since expanded the technology to work with the majority of mobility devices, secured a patent, and started a business helping others experience better mobility through technology.

Only in American can you do this…dream, create, and take an idea to market for the benefit of all to use. Freedom is the driver of creation. With this recent endeavor, I feel I am giving a back to those that gave so much and I am motivated to continue to look for ways to help those that served so diligently for our armed forces.

Drew and I look forward to hearing your stories about how this product helped you.

Feel free to shoot us an email.

Aaron Werner & Drew Evans
Inventors of the Adapy Smart Mobility System

Aaron Werner, Co-Inventor of the Adapy Smart Mobility System.

Over 20 years ago, Aaron pioneered the development of FinTech applications, co-creating along with his brother David Werner, the first automated loan origination system that has accounted for over 200 billion dollars in loan production with over 12,000 mortgage lenders worldwide.

Throughout the years, he has created various mobile apps, helped produce a movie released in theaters, authored the book “The Legend of Clevenger’s Lost Gold” available on Amazon, and wrote the song “One More Cast” available on Spotify, and other popular music stores.

The technology he has developed has been featured in various trade publications like Broker Magazine, Mortgage Success, Mortgage Originator, Origination News, Success Magazine, and more.

He is excited to be able to take his experience in software and platform development and apply it to the mobility industry and shape a future that will bring a higher quality of life to wheelchair users.

Drew Evans -Veteran & Co-Inventor of the Adapy Smart Mobility System.

I am an original Idaho native that always loved working on the farm and in the fields. After graduating from high school, I served a two-year religious mission. Upon completing my mission in California, I joined the Air Force Reserves while working on my undergraduate degree in Physics.

I got married to another Idaho native, and we have enjoyed raising our two beautiful daughters. In 2010, I deployed to Thumrait Air Force Base in Oman, where I got to help load and unload cargo going in and out of Afghanistan.

In 2012-2013, I deployed to Kyrgyzstan to help facilitate military troops’ movement from all branches to and from the front lines. A few months after completing my second deployment, I was on temporary duty to Alaska, where I was injured from a fall off of a cliff.

I was medically retired from the Air Force in 2014 and in 2017, moved with my family from Idaho to Southern Utah, to St. George UT, where we live today.

I have envisioned the Adapy Smart Mobility System ever since 2015, having faced daily mobility challenges. Seeing this dream become a reality has been so rewarding, knowing that I help others that face similar challenges.

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