Why The Adapy Smart Mobility System?

Regarding limited mobility and the daily tasks associated with it, there are fundamental challenges or risks that we feel the Adapy Smart Mobility System mitigates.

Risk of thermoregulatory dysfunction

With many Spinal Cord Injuries there is generally reduced sensory input regarding temperature received from below the level of injury. People like Andrew with Spinal Cord Injuries may also lack the descending sympathetic control to respond appropriately to environmental changes in temperature. As a result, they may experience high or low body temperatures and must manage temperature dysregulation by controlling the temperature of their environment, dressing in appropriate clothing, and regulating exertion with exercise.

Neurological injury to any portion of the CNS that regulates Tcore, such as SCI, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc. frequently results in thermoregulatory dysfunction and increases the risk of morbidity and mortality from exposure to extreme ambient temperatures. More specifically, SCI with an incidence of 17,000 cases per year and a prevalence of 282,000 persons in the U.S., impairs autonomic, sensory, and motor pathways, significantly impacting mobility, internal organ function, and metabolic homeostasis.

Often times we experience harsh conditions as it relates to the weather.  In many cases depending on the extent of an individual’s personal condition that resulted in the wheelchair use, the body may develop difficulty regulating temperatures.  In this situation it is vital to function in an environment that is not going to harm you in any way.

Weather can be harsh and in the case of a man in Cedar City Utah, he had to be extremely careful.  During summer, temperatures can reach over a hundred degrees and in complete contrast winter temperatures can drop in the negatives.

Prior to the Adapy Smart Mobility System he was forced out into this harsh weather to prep his vehicle.  For example during the summer he would open his doors to allow the heat to escape to reduce the cooling time of the vehicle, this process could take significant time.   He would also need to start his vehicle and allow it to cool.   This required him to be out in the hot sun in extreme temperatures while he completed the tasks to prep his vehicle.  During the winter he faced similar situations where he would be stuck in pouring rain or falling snow as he would open his doors, lower his lift and warm up his vehicle.

When he discovered the Adapy Mobility System it changed his life.  From the comfort of his living room, he can open the doors to his van, lower his lift and with an additional auto-starter for his vehicle, start the motor and the air conditioning or heater.   This saved him critical time reducing his exposure to the elements.

Regardless of rain, snow or heat, he is able to now prepare his vehicle for a quick entry at his home, work or anywhere he chooses to go.

Redundant controls

When you consider the risk of being stranded because of a remote control malfunctioning due to excessive use or product failure, you will quickly appreciate the ability to turn to your mobile app and the Adapy Smart Mobility System as a back-up remote.

I have listened to stories of individuals who have gone to use their manual button controls for their wheelchair lift and encountered a product failure with the remote.  In one case, the gentleman was in 110-degree weather and had to wait over 2 hours for a rescue vehicle.  In another example, a man in southern Utah had to travel from St. George UT to Las Vegas Nevada to have his controls repaired, costing him not only money in gas but also over 10 hours of his time as he waited to get the repair completed.

Our primary goal is to improve the ease of mobility and, at the same time, reduce the risk associated with daily activities. The Adapy Smart Mobility System does both of these. by providing an improved method for controlling your lift and at the same time, providing a level of comfort knowing that you have a redundant control system in place.

Designed with purpose, created with passion.

Control your wheelchair lift or crane movement directly from your smartphone, using the Adapy Smart Mobility System.  Just plug your lift into the adapter, download the Adapy Mobile App and pair it with your smartphone.

It’s just that simple!

Our goal is simple, improve the ability of mobility!

We want to improve the lives of those individuals that experience the challenges of mobility.  We believe we can do that with the advent of modern day technology.

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